Unterholz Gin

◾Unterholz gin◾

The gin that we are introducing today was born in Germany, in the Odenwald region of Bad König, a beautiful landscape full of green forests, lakes & orchards. Three young men, three brothers, visionaries, artists with a healthy dose of creative business spirit are the driving forces behind a music festival called “The Sound of the Forest”, organized each year in exactly this fertile wild nature. It was at this festival that the Unterholz gin was born, a fine... premium dry gin from the depths of the forest, refined with selected herbs and berries from the undergrowth and a botanical variety from under Odin's crowns romantically decorated with fresh lemongrass and mild chamomile.

◾ Tastingnotes◾


A sweet and soft beginning with citrus fruit and juniperberries, backboned by fresh cardamom and forest aromas.


A gentle, aromatic sweet start with juniper berries, light spiciness and refreshing forest herbs. In the middle section we get sweet orange, citrus fruit and a combination of lemongrass and cardamom notes, accompanied by a soft floral touch.


Medium long with a little bitter ending.

◾Gin & Tonic◾

The perfect serve we recommend is made with a Thomas Henry tonic in combination with a lime wedge and a pinch of sea salt. The sea salt gives the gin an extra boost and makes the Gin & Tonic nicely dry.


This Unterholz gin has convinced me completely when I tried it neat. Due to the low abv however (37,5%), the gin needs a lift to conquer the tonic (the reason why I added the sea salt).


Unterholz Gin didn’t struck gold, but earned a nice and shiny 88/100 silver medal.

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