Top 100 Belgian Gins

GauGin Classic

95/100                                               GauGin Beach

Eskaepe London Dry Gin

GauGin Mountain

94/100                  Eskaepe Jai Ho London Dry Gin

Forest Navy Strength

GauGin II

93/100                                          Forest Dry Winter

Origin DeMoor

Bon Vivant London Dry Gin

92/100                           Ground Control Aardappel

Forest navy Strength

Baldwin’s Gin

Blind tiger Cubebe

91/100                                           FG 20-3 De Moor

GauGin I

The Message Gin



Blosm Gin

90/100                                            Buss Master Cut

Spring Gin Gentleman’s Cut

Forest Dry Spirits Quersus 2016


                                      Forest dry Quersus

89/100                                     Ground Control mais

Nom Di Gin

88/100                            Forest Dry Valentine 2016

Buss White Rain


Betsy Gin

Buss Rebel Cut

87/100                                                 Buss Midi Cut

Ground Control Appel

Steam Gin


Blosm Sweet Sensation

Collet’s Gin

86/100                                           Forest Dry Herfst

Vibe Navy Strength

Forest Dry Herfst

Gin Belet


Bassets Flanders Dry


Vibe London Dry

                              Ground Control Tarwe

85/100                                       Forest Dry Summer

Bassets Scarlett Gin

Ginderella Gin

Filliers Dry 28

Mister Y Gin

Filliers Dry 28 Tangerine

84/100                                  Buss N°509 Raspberry

HTK Belgian Dry Gin

Copperhead Black


Black Swan Gin

Blind tiger Imperial Secrets

X- Gin

Atomic Gin

83/100                                           Belgin Fresh Hop

Bruut Gin

Fleming’s Original Dry

Fleming’s Raspberry

Sinners Gin


Buss Grapefruit

Copperhead Gin

82/100                                          Forest Dry Spring

Left Hook Gin

Hento Gin

Red Devil Gin


1836 GN

6 Moments

6 Moments Sense Unlimited


81/100                                                  The Herbalist

Pure Gin

Clover Gin

Quantum Satis

Gilliam’s Gin


Wilderen Double You

Cockney’s Gin

80/100                                                Belgin Ultra 13



Biercée gin

Pere Albert

Buffalo gin

Filliers pine blossom

Pj dry gin

Biercée 2.0 less is more

79/100                                                     Meyer’s gin

Gillemore gin

Lindemans premium

Lindemans premium red

Ginius gin


Tanneke gin

Duin gin

Spring black pepper

Mean louie’s gin

78/100                                                         Bardo 27

Butcher’s gin

Pj elderflower

Buffel gin


75/100                                               Havn Marseille

Havn Antwerpen



Belgin St cruyt

74/100                                        Havn Copenhagen

Havn Bangkok

Poppies gin


70/100                                     Meyer’s M2 asperge


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forest dry gin



Between 60 and 69 on 100 stands for:

OK, this is a gin, but nothing more. 


Between 70 and 79 on 100 stands for:

It is already a little bit better, but still not good enough to be featured in my gin cabinet.

Between 80 and 85 on 100 stands for:

Now we are getting there, but I am still not fully convinced. A doubtful case.


Between 85 and 89 on 100 stands for:

Alright! This one makes me happy. I would certainly dare to buy this one. Could take a position in the Top 100. 


Between 90 and 95 stands for: 

Yes! Give me an entire case! Totally my thing, a real banger! Could take a position in the Top 50. 


Between 96 and 100 stands for:

Only met six times in the 500 different gins I have already tasted. 

96/100: Tarquin’s Dry Gin The Nomadic Limited Edition, Kew Organic Explorer Strength & Portobello Road Navy Strength (among others)